Lawyer Introduction

Representative lawyer, Kotaro Tanaka

Educational background

2005 Graduated from Department of Law, Faculty of Law, Keio University
2008 Completed Keio University Graduate School Law School
2008 Obtained Juris Doctorate (Keio University)
* Upon completion of law school, was certified by the Japan Student Services Organization as “a person with outstanding achievements”
(depending on excellent grades)


Work history

From 1998 Occupational interpreter (Spanish/Japanese)
2007 Supreme Court of Japan Legal Apprentice
2009 Lawyer registration (Japan Federation of Bar Associations)
2013 Established Tanaka International Law Office
2016 Incorporated his law firm Established Shinagawa International Law Office LPC


Job titles, etc.

2010 Member of Human Rights Committee (Yokohama Bar Association)
From 2011 Corporate Lawyer, Consulate General of Peru in Tokyo
From 2014 Corporate Lawyer, Embassy of Cuba in Japan
Tokyo Bar Association affiliation
Member of the Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Member of the Brazilian Chamber of Commerce in Japan


* With the Consulate General of Peru in Tokyo
* With the Cuban Ambassador in Japan

Cover Person of ‘The Lawyers’ December 2016



Kotaro Tanaka is one of the few lawyers in Japan who can handle Spanish, (dealing with English cases as well, the office also supports Portuguese.) He has consistently supported foreigners and foreign companies in Japan since his registration as a lawyer.
In the field of criminal cases, in his first year as a lawyer he succeeded in proving false charges against a foreigner and got an official police apology, compensation for damages from the government, and was awarded the “Criminal Defense Newcomer Special Award” in this case. In addition, he has achieved acquittals and has won numerous non-indictment cases.
In the field of business, he has a great deal of experiences in handling domestic support for overseas companies and agents for entertainers and Olympic athletes.
Furthermore, through our language skills and strong cooperation with doctors, he also focuses on traffic accidents involving foreigners, and has a track record of resolving thousands of cases.
In addition to these professional duties, he has worked as a corporate lawyer and support lawyer for several foreign government embassies and consulates, and has a proven track record of generous efforts in foreign business, private international cultural exchange, and diplomacy.

* Correspondence time: Weekdays from 10 am to 6 pm (Japan local time)

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